Lower eastside action plan


The Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP) is a community driven project designed to engage people in a process to transform vacant land and property into uses that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and surrounding areas.


Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation has partnered with partnered with Fellowship Housing Corporation, Genesis HOPE Community Development Organization, Jefferson East Business Association, Villages Community Development Organization, and Warren/Connor Development Coalition to address the large number of vacant parcels and property in the area bounded by E. Warren, Alter, The Detroit River and Mount Elliott on the east side of the City of Detroit.  While there are a lot of vacant land and property in this section of the City, there are also many viable, dense neighborhoods and untold assets. 


Leveraging the strength of the Community Development Organizations, partnerships with the City of Detroit and other organizations, LEAP is positioned to assist in the reinvention of a large part of the City of Detroit from the bottom up. 



For more information on this project go to leapdetroit@gmail.com.