We are a caring and interconnected community of people who help each other by sharing our abilities, talents and experiences.  By both giving and receiving, we learn to appreciate the value of each and every member and also have come to believe in the value of our own contributions


Instead of separating our community into those who need and those who provide, we recognize that we all have needs and gives to share!  When you provide a service for another member, you earn one Time Dollar for each hour spent in providing the service.  You can then exchange your  Time Dollars for service from another member.

Our Mission 

To have an organization of Village residents, community organizations, churches and businesses that share their skills, talents and resources.  Through exchanging services and bringing neighbors together, we create solutions to everyday problems, a safer, friendlier community and unity of neighborhoods.

Core Values


We are a member of the national network Timebanks USA, which is based on five fundamental tenets:


Assets – We are all assets

Every human being has something to contribute.


Redefining Work – Some work is beyond price

Work has to be redefined to value whatever it takes to raise healthy children, build strong families, revitalize neighborhoods, make democracy work, advance social justice, make the planet sustainable. That kind of work needs to be honored, recorded and rewarded.


Reciprocity – Helping works better as a two-way street

The question: “How can I help you?” needs to change so we ask: “How can we help each other build the world we both will live in?”


Social Networks – We need each other

Networks are stronger than individuals. People helping each other reweave communities of support, strength & trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, building trust, creating networks. Special relationships are built on commitment.


Respect – Every human being matters

Respect underlies freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and everything we value. Respect supplies the heart and soul of democracy. When respect is denied to anyone, we all are injured. We must respect where people are in the moment, not where we hope they will be at some future point.



Kathy Beltaire helping Joan Moss get her front yard in order using TimeBank Hours.



Earning Time Dollars

One hour of service always earns one time dollar, and one time dollar always buys one hour of service.  For fractions of hours, round up to the nearest quarter of an hour. (e.g. 52 minutes of service earns 1 time dollar; 1 hour and 10 minutes of service equals 1.25 time dollars).  Time dollars are not redeemable for cash.


It is expected that at times members may temporarily go into a deficit.  This should not discourage any member with a need from using the Timebank.  If you need a service and don’t have any time hours in your Timebank, contact the coordinator for assistance.

Time Banks & System Change


Time Banking: a Tool for Igniting Social Change

Over the past decades, changes in our society have eroded the infrastructures of our families, neighborhoods and communities. Paid professionals are now doing the work that once was an integral part of family and community life. But it’s an open secret that despite all the efforts and money poured into social programs, the problems are becoming more pervasive, not less. Too often, and despite the best efforts of professionals, the prevailing approaches treat the symptoms, not the causes.


Time Banking can change the world we live in by changing the way the public sector addresses the deep social problems our society still faces.  Children, minorities in poverty, and the elderly are especially hard hit. In these and other areas of social need, Time Banking offers a powerful new approach for social and systems change.


For more information, or to join our family of TimeBank members, please contact one of our coordinators:


Kathy Beltaire


Joan Moss